2022 – 2023 Expressive Writing Workshops


Sharon is a masterful teacher and guide.. she creates a space of safety, creativity, and healing…Those who write with her begin to make positive meaning out of the difficult journey of cancer, and they also have the opportunity to discover and share a new voice–a voice of strength and story that will be honored in its sharing… It has been such a gift for me to participate in this life-changing group…  

Quite simply, it has changed my life.

Former participant,  “Writing Through Cancer” series

2022-23 Schedule of Workshops

Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research:   Writing the Heart,   A six week expressive writing workshop for cardiac patients, offered virtually through ZOOM.  Fall series begins Thursday, October 13, 2002, from 1 – 2:30 p.m.  Six weeks.    Participants limited to 15.  Registration is requiredVisit www.tedrogersresearch.ca/writing for more information and to register.

Centre for Living Organ Donation, UHNWriting Your Transplant Story, Six week expressive writing workshop for transplant patients, donors and their families.  Registration required.  Centre for Living Organ Donation, UHN.  Next  series in early 2023.  Dates TBD.

Gilda’s Club of Greater Toronto:  Writing Through Cancer.   Open to Gilda’s Club members only.  Limited to 12 participants.)  Call Gilda’s Club (416) 214-9898 for information  on the next series and to register Registration is required Participants limited to 12.  SESSIONS:  March 28th, 2023, 3 – 4:30 p.m. Introduction to Expressive Writing, March 28th, 2023   Tuesday, April 11, 2023May 16, 2023, Writing Through Cancer workshop series. Six weeks,  3 p.m. – 4:30  p.m.    Registration is required.

Participants tell me how much they love the program…It’s not just a support group; she has a real curriculum.  It requires a high degree of sensitivity and professionalism.

Tom Friedman, LCSW, Scripps Cancer Center

* * *

She has a vast knowledge of the field and is able to tailor workshops to the participants’ and program needs…a professional in the best sense – she is a great communicator, self-sufficient and well-prepared…Dr. Bray is an amazing person – compassionate, funny, dedicated and brilliant. She changes people’s lives. 

Audrey Shafer, MD,  Founder, Medicine and the Muse Program, Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics